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Since much of my most recent work has been education for a Northern Ontario Rural Paramedic Service, with what we like to call geographical challenges consisting of 45,000 square kilometres of area (an area larger than the country of Switzerland), with a population base of 45,000 people serviced by 12 paramedic stations, I needed to develop unique solutions to deliver educational content. One method is to publish a periodical training bulletin, posted on our LMS with an associated quiz. Other methods include online multimedia and the moodle learning platform.


Amongst the many skills and abilities I present throughout this portfolio is the administration of the moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle is an open-source platform for online learning used by thousands of post-secondary institutions worldwide including Canadian universities such as the University of Victoria, Athabasca University, and St. Francis Xavier University. I have administered my own moodle installations as well as part of my role at Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB - Paramedic Services and my own personal servers. I currently support moodle administrators as part of my current role at Premergency, as well create curriculum, design learning, specializing in user experience design (UXD), and facilitate courses. One course in particular demonstrates much of what I have learned over 15 years of experience and education.  The Community Paramedic Training Program blends traditional SCORM-type activities with Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Case Based Learning. More information on how the program is structured can be found in this short video



The works located below are examples of uni-directional media presentations created using various software solutions primarily used in distance education and self-directed learning programs. They are designed to be part of a greater whole as an enhancement to learning but can be used independently, although not an optimal use. Much of it contributes to the banking of knowledge but reflection and dialogue, which brings deeper understanding, are missing components. A better use of the materials would be a blended model where subsequent sessions would occur to enhance learning such as forum discussions, video conferencing or classroom sessions. 


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The EVVRe Care Peer Support and Self Help Program is a video originates from my initial research into how critical thinking can affect resilience. It was created using iMovie an VideoScribe  and cumulates in small and large group discussion.

(Companion document can be found here)


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PowerPoint and VideoScribe

The following two presentations were created using a combination of VideoScribe and PowerPoint. Both were posted within our moodle Learning Management System (LMS) where supporting material was included and a quiz was required to be completed.



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The following two presentations were created using VideoScribe. Both were posted within our moodle Learning Management System (LMS) where supporting material was included and a quiz was required to be completed.



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The following clip is an HTML5 animation created using software called Tumult and was used within a lesson on moodle where short multimedia clips were used in conjunction with text descriptions and questions designed to cause the participant to analyze the information.

Click play to view the animation below. 



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